#3 HTML page frame

Link frame or target attribute

Links are one of the benefits of using frames. Links have a menu / link on the left side of the browser and when I click the link the content is displayed on the right.

Procedure for creating a link frame

  • First, create a frameset with two vertical frames. Name the frames using the name attribute of the <frames> tag

  • Naming the first frame is optional, but the target frame must be named.

<frame src = "left.html"> <frame src = "right.html" name = "xyz">

The name of the frame here is "xyz"

  • Create an HTML document that contains the menu. Menu items become hyperlinks to other pages. Click on the hyperlink to display it in the right frame, which is the target name.

  • The target attribute of the <A> tag that specifies the name of the frame is:

<A href="input.html" target="xyz"> Input </ a>

<A href="Output himl" target="xyz"> Output </a>

HTML code:


        <title> linking frame </ title>
    <frameset cols= "40%, 60%"> 
        <frame src= "left.html"> 
        <frame src= "right.html" name= "xyz"> 





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